சுவாமியைப் பற்றித் தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கே சொடுக்கவும்

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Many people have shared their divine experiences in the book written by Anandhan "The lord of Kailas at Kasavanampatti" or "Kasavai Kanda Kayilai Moorthi".

Mr Sanguppillai, Dindigul

He was informed about swamy through his friend and one day he dreamt of a naked saint. His friend told him that it was Kasavanampatti Nirvana Swamy and he realised that when he visited Swamy one day. After that he visited him regularly and was soaked in his kindness. He had a health problem which caused him to faint suddenly and though he took treatments it was not cured. One day he visited Swamy and offered him oranges.  Swamy was sitting in a tea shop and was throwing thorny twigs into the fire and did nott turn his head. He again called Swamy and offered the fruits and suddenly swamy hit him hardly with the thorny twig on his forhead.  Blood started trickling and Sanguppillai bore the pain and closed his eyes and was praying ardently. When he opened his eyes the people around him were surprised as there was no mark at where he was hit. Swamy started eating the fruits he had offered and went away. Since then he did not have the problem and his health has improved.

Mr. A.Pandiyan, Singampunari

He too came to know about Swamy through a friend and so he went to see him. Suddenly Swamy kicked a man standing beside him.  Shocked and frightened Pandiyan came back home and decided not to go back again. His wife was cooking and suddenly a gush of wind blew a small paper which was used to pack some spices his wife bought from the grocery store. Pandiyan got a shock when he scanned the bit of paper.  It had a short news about Sri Mouna Jyothi Nirvana Swamy. Immediately he went to Kasavanampatti and got his blessings.

Mr.K,S,Perumal, Ammapatti

A stringent impious Perumal never believed in God and did not give any attention when he came to know about Swamy. One day he dreamt of travelling to Kasavanampatti and standing infront of Swamy. The dream was so vivid and detailed that when he woke up immediately he drew a map of what he dreamt. It was so clear that his friends were surprised and they all decided to follow the map. When they reached Kasavanampatti everything including the sign board, trees etc he saw in his dream were there. In the end they came to where Swamy was sitting and from that moment all his doubts about divine power was vanished and he surrendered completely to Swamy's love.

Mr.Na.Gnanavel, Periyakulam.

The first time he went to visit Swamy, the crowded bus he went lost control and was miraculalously stopped by the driver which saved all the passengers.  He was worried and when he saw Swamy the first time he was disappointed to see a naked man without any signs for a saint he had in his mind.  He was also upset as Swamy did not notice him and returned with frustration. The next day his friend an astrologer who reads palm leaves and predicts future came to his house and took the palm leaves and started reading the messages for him.  As he was reading the messages Gnanavel got the tremendous shock of his life. The message said that the person went to Kasavanampatti to see Nirvana Swamy and the vehicle he went met with an accident. The accident could have killed and wounded many people. But because his devotee is also travelling in the same bus the Swamy had prevented the accident thus saving all who travelled in the fated bus. He continued reading which told that he need not worry that Swamy ignored him. Swamy never ignores his devotees and he always loves them. That cleared all his doubts and he became an ardent devotee.

These are just few examples whereas there are thousands who realised the divinity and love of Swamy. Anyone who went to see him with  devotion have not returned empty handed.  They were blessed and cured and taken care of by the endless love of Sri Mouna Jyothi Nirvana Swamy.